7 Key Strategies for Moving from IVR to Voice Self-Service

TMCnet : Genesys Provides 7 Key Strategies for Moving from IVR to Voice Self-Service

  • Integrate self-service with agent-assisted service;
  • Reuse the business logic of existing Web applications;
  • Apply the level of call automation that best serves customers;
  • Leverage experts in deploying open voice and speech standards;
  • Set up clear migration paths to VoIP systems;
  • Keep “multi-tenancy” self-service as an option;
  • Track and measure every customer interaction through its entire lifecycle.

What do you think the difference between IVR and Voice Self-Service? In general, IVR is hard-ware based and Voice Self-Service is software based. However, what is the most different?

I think that IVR is NOT integrated to web application. Many enterprise companies shift their system to web applicaton. If they continue to use IVR, they need a specific person who use IVR.

Many companies in Japan use IVR and face to end-of-life dates for their existing hard-ware based IVR. I will support why they should replace IVR with Voice Self-Service.




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